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To understand why Wattle Partners are the best people to assist you in achieving your goals, it is important to understand the background of our industry. Unfortunately, our industry does not have a great reputation for acting in the best interest of clients. This has been the result of the vertical integration of advice providers across the corporate and industry sectors, who both create products and employ the staff that ‘advise’ on them. Unfortunately, these issues affect around 90% of advice offered in Australia.

Through decades of collective experience we have concluded that the industry simply has not evolved. Financial planners continue to be focused on minimising the amount of work required to assist their clients and recommending strategies that are of lowest risk to their businesses, rather than in the best interests of their clients. In our view, most advisers seek to make things more complicated for their clients to increase their importance; rather than simplifying them.

We believe in the following:



As the ranks of ‘independent’ advisers grows, Wattle Partners stands out due to its heritage and experience.

Our heritage comes from being one of the first and consistently independent, fee-for-service advisory firms. Wattle Partners was originally founded by Austin Donnelly, as Donnelly Money Management in the 1990’s, and the advisory team spent many years learning his philosophies. Austin Donnelly was once considered the Number 1 Adviser in Australia and was well known for his push for transparency in fees and investments, dedication to improving investor rights and the importance of tailoring solutions to every person. Austin also founded the Australian Investor’s Association, which is a not-for-profit community of like-minded self-directed investors, with which Wattle Partners remains a supporter of today.


On the 1st of September 2017, we changed our name from Sornem Private Wealth to Wattle Partners. The decision to change was not a simple one, but  required to represent the evolution of our business. To us, the Wattle tree reflects our roots in Victoria, where Wattle trees grow naturally and in abundance. They are also diverse, with some 1,000-recorded species, reflecting the broad range of people that come together to form our community. Most importantly, the Wattle reflects our commitment to nurturing and growing our relationship with you and your family as we support you in achieving your objectives.


Wattle Partners is aware of the positive impact it and its clients are able to have on the community and people around them. It is for this reason we have exhibited ourselves to an extensive due diligence process to become a certified B Corporation. B Corporations are for-profit companies certified to have met a rigorous standard of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. We also advise a number of foundations, including The Greenlight Foundation, which has been a long-time supporter of the following charities assisting under-privileged children around the world: