We invest for fundamental value
- seeking global opportunities.





Whilst the manner in which we uncover, identify and analyse investment ideas is complex, our overriding philosophy is straightforward.

History has shown that investing into businesses (i.e. shares) provides the greatest rewards over the long-term. We understand that a successful financial plan requires investment in capital markets over the long-term. We know that short-term, highly active trading adds little value and that outstanding returns come from the benefits of compounding; or maintaining your exposure to markets over the long-term.

We believe that simply investing into those companies paying the highest dividends will result in underperformance, so we search all over of the world and in all asset classes, both traditional and alternative, for investment opportunities. We seek to identify investments trading at a discount to their fair value and which offer the potential to grow earnings in a changing economic environment.

We have a preference to invest directly into shares and other asset markets, but believe managed funds can add substantial value where their strategy is focused to an individual sector. We appreciate the value and cost savings that popular index and exchange traded funds (ETF’s) can provide, but we do not believe today’s environment is a suitable time for these strategies.



We do not subscribe to the passive, static asset allocation approach of our competitors. 

We believe it is common-sense that your portfolio should be adjusted for both your changing attitude to risk, as your life changes, as well as the prevailing valuations of assets across the globe. The ‘traditional’ approach seems to ignore this logic to simplify the process for the advisory industry. There is no wonder this approach has seen investors greatly underperform expectations and take substantially more risk than required over the last 10, 20 and 30 years.

We aim to be dynamic rather than static in everything we do, but particularly in managing your portfolio. We implement this by:

  • Determining an appropriate allocation to Capital Stable assets for you specifically

  • Regularly adjusting our views on the appropriate level of Risk asset exposure

  • Increasing or decreasing your Capital Stable allocation as conditions change

  • Increasing or decreasing your allocation between our various Risk Bucket’s as conditions change


We refuse to pigeon hole our clients into ‘portfolios’ or individual investments based on the ‘conventional’ wisdom of the industry. We seek to understand the characteristics and influences on the investments we are considering and allocating them appropriately. For this reason, we believe investments should have one of four purposes:

  1. To provide an income – The Income Bucket;

  2. To offer substantial future value – The Value Bucket;

  3. To generate capital growth over the long-term – The Thematic or Growth Bucket;

  4. To provide a hedge against poor markets or unexpected events – The Targeted Return Bucket.

Above all, at Wattle Partners, we seek to question the conventional wisdom, or the ‘herd’ and to be unconventional.

We know that following the herd leads to below average returns and we believe investors should be seeking absolute returns that allow them to meet their goals, rather than returns relative to an index.


The follow-on part of our advice is the ongoing management of investment portfolios across family trusts, superannuation funds and individuals. This, our Private Client Service, allows you to outsource the time consuming, labour-intensive responsibilities involved in implementing your financial strategy and investment portfolio. We provide ongoing administration and mailing house support, end of financial year and legislative change planning as well as regular ongoing investment advice.

We hope Private Clients of Wattle Partners feel comfortable knowing that someone is in their corner and remain in control of their own time. We leverage off our own experience over many decades, as well as our extensive networks and proximity to markets to provide value to our clients.