Everything we do is transparent.
No hidden fees, exotic products nor complicated strategies.





We are in a unique position of being truly independent but also having access to an unprecedented amount of research and expert analysis for a firm of any size.  Wattle Partners is focused on doing the hard and time-consuming things to make your life easier, through:

Our commitment to research and education allows you to outsource the difficult tasks and focus on your own career, or more importantly your family; 

The highly skilled team take on the work that requires daily dedication and analysis for people who don’t have time to stay up to date; 

Our ongoing service allows you to outsource your responsibility for compliance and let us deal with third parties like accountants, real estate agents and lawyers; 

The internet has seen exponential growth in opinions and content, but little information of value.

We provide a different view from the consensus; 

Our advice empowers by providing you with the tools and information to make informed decisions at critical times.

Life doesn’t happen as you plan, so our advisers are available around the clock to provide expert guidance and reassurance.



Our clients are diverse, but typically sourced from referrals by existing clients, friends or third-party accountants, lawyers and advisers. Our typical clients are:

• Aged over 50

• Hold the majority of their wealth through superannuation (generally SMSF’s); and

• Appreciate the value of professional advice.

Whilst many of our clients are retired professionals or small business owners, we also have the expertise to advise a broader range of people including:

• Younger generations of our clients;

• Small business owners;

• Self-directed investors seeking a second opinion;

• Divorcees

• Disappointed clients of brokers or industry funds.

We seek to partner with likeminded clients who wish to invest directly into sharemarkets, have some experience investing or alternatively are seeking an education as part of the financial advice process.


Our advice is delivered via two methods, upfront and ongoing. In both cases our aim is the same; to empower you by providing the tools to make informed decisions.


The start of any new relationship involves a period of ‘getting to know’ each other and determining if we are the right fit. We then set about building a dot point plan for your future and a base from which all future life decisions can be made. This forms part of several documents which outline our recommended strategies or investments and the reasons behind each of them. The aim of these documents is to inform and empower those who seek our advice into make sound financial decisions as well as minimising the number and severity of mistakes.


The follow-on part of our advice is the ongoing management of investment portfolios across family trusts, superannuation funds and individuals. This, our Private Client Service, allows you to outsource the time consuming, labour-intensive responsibilities involved in implementing your financial strategy and investment portfolio. We provide ongoing administration and mailing house support, end of financial year and legislative change planning as well as regular ongoing investment advice.

We hope Private Clients of Wattle Partners feel comfortable knowing that someone is in their corner and remain in control of their own time. We leverage off our own experience over many decades, as well as our extensive networks and proximity to markets to provide value to our clients.